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About Ma's Bobbin Works

The World of Wooden Bobbins. A resource book published by The Discovery Collection telling the story of old wooden textile bobbins: their place in the history, in the hands of the collector, and in the home. Available through Milling Around!

The Bobbin Girl. A beautifully illustrated children’s book by Emily Arnold McCully about a 10-year old girl who works in the Lowell mill to earn money to help her struggling family. The story explains the rules and expectations of a mill girl and the surprising event that happens when the worker’s wages are reduced.

The Lowell Mill Girls. A collection of historical essays and fiction published by Discovery Enterprises, Ltd. that tells the history of female mill workers in Lowell, Massachusetts.

Mill. With detailed illustrations, Mill features the day-to-day workings of a New England mill town. Set in the 19th century, the book tells the story of how mills were built, and how mill towns grew around them. A PBS Video, Mill Times, based on the book and narrated by the author, David Macaulay, brings the era to life: